International Symposium on
Integrative Bioinformatics
5th annual meeting
20th to 22nd August 2008
Leucorea, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

University of Halle (Saale)
Data Integration Software Tutorial
Data Integration for Systems Biology using the ONDEX system
Current high throughput genomic technologies generate large amounts of experimental data. Analysing these data is a pre-requisite for many systems biology projects but remains a major challenge for bioinformatics. To address this problem we are developing the open source ONDEX platform for analysing experimental data in context, using integrated biological networks. The ONDEX platform is designed to be generic and exploits graph-based data analysis methods and is currently in an advanced prototype form.
  Target Audience
This tutorial should be of interest to bioinformatics scientists who are looking for a software solution to their data integration problems and would like to become part of a broader collaboration to further develop the ONDEX software. Bioinformaticians with Java programming experience will be particularly welcome.
In the tutorial, participants will be given an overview of the concepts behind ONDEX and how it is used to integrate a wide range of different data sources. The hands-on sessions will be focussed on using the ONDEX Visualisation ToolKit (OVTK) to analyse integration results. During this tutorial we will introduce the OVTK's graph layout and sub-graph extraction methods to enable users to narrow their analysis down to study particular pathways or groups of genes.

Participants are welcome to bring their own laptop for hands-on experience and will be able to take away working ONDEX software and the demonstration applications. We are hoping that participants will provide feedback and constructive suggestions for further developments of the software.
This tutorial session is NOT part of the symposium. Attendance is free but requires a separate registration. Refreshments will be available.

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