Aim and Scope

The purpose of this Non-profit association can best be described by an excerpt from the IMBio constitution (translated from German):

"Main purpose of our association is to foster biotechnology by means of methods from information technology. This is mainly being accomplished by the following steps:
  • Consulting biologists, molecular biologists, biochemists and physicians;
  • Initiate and support seminars, workshops, internships and conferences covering the topics "Computer Science and Molecular Biology";
  • Public events on the topic "Society and Bioinformatics";
  • Releasing printed and other material covering biotechnological advances and the like;
  • Participation and Support of scientific R&D activities according to our constitution."

Application for a membership

Anybody, who like to contribute to the aims of IMBio, is very wellcome to send a filled and signed application form (in German) to moc.liamelgoog@nullveoibmi. The anual membership fee is 15€.
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